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“We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own 'to do' list.”

Michelle Obama

Welcome to the Realize Health Family

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We want to welcome you to the Realize Health family and would like to make the experience as smooth as possible. If you would like to get to know our practitioners better before booking an appointment, please go to the Practitioners page.

After Booking

You will receive an email containing a welcome letter, consent to treatment, and intake form that needs to be completed before your appointment. If you emailed the clinic or practitioner, someone will get in contact with you as soon as possible to help you secure your place for a time convenient to you both. These are the things that you need to have submitted at least 3 days or 72 hours before your appointment.

  • Completed Intake Form or Written Narrative
  • List of Current Medications
  • Recent blood or lab tests

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that are not answered here please contact us

Contact Us

You can scan your documents and email them as a PDF format to your practitioner. Some clients prefer to take images of their blood test results on their phone and email it which is an option if you don’t have a scanner. If you need to find another option feel free to contact the practitioner and come up with a plan that works for both of you.

If for some reason the online intake form is not working for you, or you have trouble with the questions, or maybe you feel the questions do not tell the full story of what you are experiencing, then feel free to write us a narrative describing your health journey and using a timeline to indicate when you started feeling sick and moments of change along the way. Also provide a list of any supplements or prescription medication you may be on.

If you would like to first speak to one of our practitioners before making a commitment you can book a free once-off 15 minute consultation with the practitioner of your choice. This provides an opportunity for you both to decide whether you would like to work together and set realistic expectations. When you are ready to book in just go to Book an Appointment and choose either the service or practitioner you would like to work with. Or just organise an appointment after the 15 minute consultation.

If you have specific questions or just need to have a quick conversation with your practitioner then book in for a quick 15 minute consultation, either by phone or in person. If it can wait until your next appointment then write your questions down so you don’t forget. If it is urgent then book in for a follow-up appointment.

If it’s a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer then it’s not a problem. More often, however, it requires us to go back into your files or do additional research which takes time away from our families, so unfortunately this is time we need to be compensated for. To keep it simple, it will be treated as a 15 minute consultation but if your practitioner feels it’s more complex they may charge you more.

No. Each of our practitioners have slightly different ways of practising and also different areas of expertise. We have tried to clarify as best we could where practitioners fit in by providing contact details under appropriate sections. Most clients book in to see a particular practitioner due to word-of-mouth, but if there is a service you prefer, simply make this clear when you book an appointment and we’ll make sure you are connected with the appropriate practitioner.

We debated for a long time whether we should provide written reports as this seems to be the trend in many clinics. At this point in time we are not doing this, simply because we are too busy. Any spare time we do have we like to put into research and keeping up to date in order to serve you better, instead of doing more paperwork. It also helps to keep consultation fees as low as possible. If you still want a health report you can discuss this with your practitioner who may do so at an extra charge. We do however provide you with any handouts or extra information you may need to help you along the way, as well as a treatment plan.

Private health fund rebates are only available for nutrition services.